What horror movie character are you?

Bridget McLaughlin


You’re going out on the town: What are you wearing?

1) A striped sweater and a fedora.

2) Pendants, something flowy…NO CROSSES!

3) Jackboots and a jumpsuit

4) A playful pair of suspenders

5) Hand-me-down dress from mother

6) You’re more concerned with waxing.


Friends would describe you as?

1) Horribly disfigured…but with a great laugh!

2) Slutty…always talking about sucking things.

3) A mama’s boy.

4) Extremely childish.

5) You don’t have any friends.

6) Flakey: hair today, gone tomorrow.


Your ideal companion is:

1)Someone you can hold hands with and NOT impale.

2) Someone sexy who hates Italian food and tacky silver jewelry.

3) A great cook with many kitchen knives.

4) A fun playmate.

5) A jock, an artist, a hobo. Really anyone who will love me.

6) A hairstylist.


What is your favorite food or drink?

1) Soul food.

2) Bloody Mary

3) Shish kabob

4) Candy!

5) Whatever mother cooks is fine I suppose.

6) Kibble.


If things don’t go your way, what is your first response?

1) Kill them.

2) Kill them.

3) Kill them.

4) Kill them.

5) Kill them.

6) Kill them.

Mostly 1s- Freddy Krueger- from “A Nightmare On Elm Street.” You got the short end of the stick as a kid, so what do you do? You murder youngins. You’ve got a love for a good glove and great sense of humor when it comes to most everything except your mortal enemy Jason Voorhees.

Mostly 2s- Dracula- None of this “Twilight” garbage for you. You’re a fashion forward, cold, hard bloodsucker that isn’t interested in anything long term. After all, you’re immortal, and who wants to wake up to the same person for that long?

Mostly 3s- Michael Myers- from “Halloween.” You’re totally misunderstood and possibly hideous. Your rule of thumb is “a good hockey mask can make an outfit,” and possess great skill with kitchen knives and ice picks but loathe summer camp. Some people scrapbook, you kill the innocent.

Mostly 4s- Chuckie- Known for your immaturity, most people notice your “little man syndrome” upon meeting. You’re a very unwelcome houseguest, due mostly to the fact that you kill your hosts. You can be quite the charmer and have a mastery of voodoo, but just grow up already!

Mostly 5s- Carrie- Mix four cups high school outcast with two cups insanely religious mother and throw in some telekinesis and pig’s blood for zest and there you are. I wouldn’t recommend going to dances or social gatherings if you scored “Carrie” on this quiz.

Mostly 6s- Wolfman- Prone to uncontrollable, lude displays of genitalia that you never remember during transformation; you don’t let that affect your good time! In fact, you embrace it! You’re the “Four Loko” of the villain world!

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