Eric W. Deaton bio

Kristyn Soltis

Eric W. Deaton

Age: 43

Party: Constitutional Party of Ohio

Eric Deaton grew up in Lewisburg, OH before graduating from the University of Dayton in 1990 with a degree in electronic engineering technology and a minor in mechanical engineering technology. After school, Deaton took a job working as a Field Service Engineer for the General Electric Company where he is still a full-time employee.

Not only is Deaton receiving attention as the Constitutional Party of Ohio candidate for U.S. Senator, he has also made headlines for being indicted for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor August 31.

Deaton has three children and is currently involved in Webelos Cub Scouts and a steward at Bear Creek Church of the Brethren.

Higher Education

-Deaton said there is too much focus on extracurricular activities and sports. He would like to see classroom education as a primary purpose in schools.

-He would also like to see the cost of education reduced to a fraction of the current cost.

Economic recovery

-Deaton believes tax cuts, similar to the Bush administration, create economic growth.

-He would like to see money put back into the pockets of workers’, tax payers’ and investors’ pockets to create a natural cycle of spending, growth and sustainable economic vitality.

-Deaton said he would like to see Congress complete a federal tax system overhaul, similar to FairTax, to boost U.S. businesses and make tax burdens controllable for all Americans.

Health care

-Deaton said the closer the doctors and healthcare workers are to the patients, the better the service and lower the price.

-Insurance companies as a middleman place a gap between the doctors and the patients. By keeping this gap small, Deaton said he hopes to minimize the cost of healthcare.

-Deaton’s first step is to remove some of the insurance regulations related to different plans in different states and sell health insurance directly across state lines.