Five things the opposite sex should know

Rachel Hagenbaugh

Five Things Every Girl Should Know…

Live a double life

“She has to be a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets,” said Dominic Mariano, freshman exercise specialist major. He believes that great sex is a key element of a happy, passionate and strong relationship.

See things his way, or at least pretend to

“For a chick to keep me around, she has to take interest in the things that I am interested in,” said Evan Courtright, junior exploratory major. It’s a real bonding experience when couples share interests and get excited about the same things.

Exercise those thumb muscles

For Dirk Anderson, junior education major, being able to play video games is a must. “They have to enjoy playing video games because it’s an easy, fun way to hang out with a person.”

Hit the gym

Josh Yager, freshman exploratory major, thinks it is important for girls to be athletic. “It shows she’s in shape and takes care of herself.” It doesn’t matter what sport a girl plays, as long as she gets out there and gets moving.

Dare to be different

Tommy Meyer, sophomore exploratory major, thinks it is very important for a girl to be different and not fake. He likes black hair and is not a fan of blondes because they are too “typical, annoying and obnoxious.”

“She can’t be the typical cheerleader girl,” said Meyer.

Five Things Every Guy Should Know…


Kristen Goodwin, freshman early childhood education major, wants a guy who respects women. “When he talks to you, he has to look at your eyes.”

Guys with wandering eyes won’t get anywhere, because it shows a lack of attentiveness to what a women is saying.

Show us your 1000-watt smile

A guy with a sense of humor is a necessity for Morgan Palombi, freshman medical terminology major. If a guy were taking her to the movies, she would want him to choose a comedy.

“I enjoy a laugh and the way it makes me feel.”

Being able to share the simple things in life, like a joke or a smile, shows the fun side in a relationship.

No Wall Flowers Here

Shy guys will get nowhere with freshman biology major Carlee Hoover. She likes going out to dinner for a first date because it forces her date to engage in conversation.

“With movies, there’s awkward moments and silence.”

Get Your Hiking Gear

Guys might have to get a little creative to date Kelsey Kent, freshman exploratory major. Her ideal guy has to be adventurous and willing to try new things.

“For a date, anything active that doesn’t keep me caught up in a room,” she said.

Guys, be adventurous by taking her to Cedar Point or a skating rink.

Nix the Negativity

Bree Marks, senior technical theater studies major, wants a man who carries “positive energy.” Having a bad day is one thing, but a constantly bad attitude is contagious.

“No one wants to be around someone who complains about their lives all the time,” she said.

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