Attorney General candidates: Cordray and Owens

Suzi Starheim

Name: Richard Cordray

Age: 51

Party: Democrat

Resume: Served as: Ohio treasurer; Franklin County treasurer; Solicitor general; law clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy; Ohio Attorney General since 2008; master’s degree from Oxford University; law degree from the University of Chicago Law School


1. Veterans:

• Claims to be a strong advocate for veterans

• Proposed a service bonus for veterans who served in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq wars

• The service bonus was approved by more than 7 in 10 voters in November 2009

2. Economic Recovery:

• Has made Wall Street accountable for wrongdoing

• Has brought several lawsuits against Wall Street firms such as AIG, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch

• Filed dozens of cease and desist orders against foreclosure rescue scams

3. Law Enforcement:

• Reduced the number of cases for laboratory tests that law enforcement officials and prosecutors use to make their cases

• Stresses the importance of working with local law enforcement agencies

• Ohio became the first state to implement the sex offender registration provisions of the federal Adam Walsh Act under Cordray’s administration


Name: Robert M. Owens

Age: 37

Party: Constitution

Resume: Ran in the 2008 election for Ohio Attorney General


1. Education:

• Believes parents have the right to direct the education of their children

• Supports tax credits for parents who home-school their children or choose private schooling

• Opposes country-wide control of local school districts

2. Economic Recovery:

• Supports free trade with limited taxes to encourage the safety of consumers

• Wants to repeal all personal income taxes to support small, which will, in turn, expand the economy

• Favors putting a cap on the state sales tax

3. Healthcare:

• Feels ObamaCare violates the Constitution

• Wants to eliminate ObamaCare

• Wants to encourage the state legislature to introduce a bill that would nullify the recent healthcare laws