BSR afternoon podcast for Monday October 4, 2010

Black Squirrel Radio

Happy Monday listeners. I am Emily Simmons and I’m Travis Plats and here’s what’s hot:

An astonishing find in Luxor, Egypt features a limestone statue of King Tut’s grandfather Ahmenhoep III. According to, the statue features expert craftsmanship and provides insights into the reign of this great monarch who reportedly offered his kingdom a time of wealth and prosperity.

The Supreme Court begins its new term today, with 52 appeals on the agenda as well as 2 dozen more expected in the coming months. reports the term marks the debut of Justice Elena Kagan. This is the first occasion in which one-third of Supreme Court Justices are female.

In the world of entertainment, “The Social Network” capped the box office at number one! The film grossed $23 million from 2,771 locations. The story of the founding of Facebook captured enough attention that Oscar nominations are a given.

In sports! The Cleveland Browns earned their first win this season against Cincinnati with an anti-climactic ending in the fourth quarter. The battle of Ohio came to a close at 23-20 in favor of the Browns. Check in next week to see if weather favors Cleveland when they take on the Atlanta Falcons.

Thanks for tuning in listeners. I’m Emily Simmons, and I’m Travis Plats; join us next week for your hot topics!