Cheers and Jeers for October 20


Cheers to Flash Notes. It’s the brainchild of a Kent State grad and could save your butt the next time you lose your notes.

Cheers to the nearly 11 tons of garbage pulled from the Cuyahoga River on Sept. 25. It’s a shame all that trash made it in there in the first place, but the cleanup last month was clearly a success.

Cheers to yesterday’s “Don’t Get Busted” event presented by Student Legal Services. We have yet to see if the event makes a difference, but any information to keep students out of trouble on Halloween is a good thing.

Jeers to Flash Notes. Although we really do think it’s a good idea, how credible are these notes, and are the prices fair?

Jeers to the Kent State football team for giving up a 14-point lead Saturday against the Toledo Rockets. The loss wasn’t the follow-up to Homecoming we were hoping for.

Jeers to the construction on Summit Street. We know they’re widening the road and we’ll all be better off once construction is finished, but for now, the extra traffic is not pleasant.