Marc Feldman Bio

By Mariana Silva

Marc Allan Feldman

Age: 51

Party: Libertarian

Resume: Staff Physician, attending physician

After receiving his bachelor’s degree of philosophy from Northwestern University in 1980, Feldman attended to The Johns Hopkins University of Medicine in 1984 he received hi MD in Medicine. In 1993, Feldman received his masters of health sciences in Health Police and Management from The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.He worked as an attending physician at the Johns Hopkins Hospital from 1987 to 1998 and as staff physician at The Cleveland Clinic since 1998, where he still works.

Feldman is the president of the Ophthalmic Anesthesia Society.

— Higher education: Candidate could not be reached to comment on this issue

— Economy: Candidate could not be reached to comment on this issue

— Healthcare: Feldman believes health care is one of America’s largest industries. He said Obama’s initiative threatens to bring federal government into health care like never before. He said he does not have a solid understanding of the details and implications of Obama’s bill, and believes few in Congress and Senate understand the bill. He said because few people understand the bill, they vote in a partisan and with the support of lobbyists, which has to stop.