web story: Jon Husted Secretary of State profile

Jon Husted



State Representative for Ohio’s 37th district (2001-2009), Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives (2005-2009), State Senator for Ohio’s 6th District (2009)


Election reform

• Husted wants to change the partisan system of redistricting. He believes the system currently allows politicians to picks voters rather than allowing the voters to elect their public officials. He supports a redistricting reform that will return election to the accountability system they were intended to be.

• Husted co-sponsored the election reforms in Senate Bill 8, which has passed in the Senate but it yet to pass in the Ohio House.

• He also wants to establish a one-time, bipartisan election advisory commission that would gather information and make recommendations to the Secretary of State to help ensure fair and effective voting.

Economic recovery

• Husted supports reducing spending and has worked with Citizens Tax Reform and members of the Ohio General Assembly to enact a state appropriation limitation.

• While Speaker of the House, Husted led a tax reform plan that included the largest income tax cut in Ohio history. He also opposed the Governor’s plan to delay income tax reductions and voted against the increase that he believes would chase jobs out of Ohio.

• Husted has formerly recruited businesses to Ohio and wants to invite more entrepreneurs to come into Ohio as a way of creating jobs.

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