Homecoming king and queen honor fellow students

Kristen O’Brien

Blue and gold surround the stands as the 2010 Homecoming court anxiously waits in the south end zone of Dix Stadium.

The twelve candidates on court stand proudly as they anticipate hearing their names called. While many hopeful court members longed to step forward and accept the title, only two students were granted that honor. From amongst these individuals, Jessica Hubbard and Carl Belfiore were honored.

“I was kind of in shock when I heard my name; at first I just stood there because I thought, ‘Did they really just call my name?’” Hubbard said. “It was a crazy moment. You just never expect it to happen to you.”

The king had similar thoughts.

“It was a surreal, nervous feeling,” Belfiore said. “I never would have thought I would ever be doing this.”

Even though the Homecoming event itself has passed, the king and queen have said their duties and expectations are yet to be completed.

“I want to give my school the respect that it deserves,” Hubbard said. “I want to use my new title as a way to get through to different students, try to get them involved and show other people what great things they can do when they are at Kent State.”

Belfiore said he wanted to use the title to earn a higher-up position.

“I would like an Undergraduate Student Government position and I would also like to be involved with the Student Ambassadors,” Belfiore said. “I would like to see what position is right for me and apply for those positions because I think that would be a really great thing to get involved with the campus.”

Among the 44,221 spectators from that day were Homecoming kings and queens from previous years. D’Andra Mull, Kent State’s 2001 Homecoming queen, explained how exciting it is to be reunited with a place that she once called home.

“It’s great to see the changes that have occurred and to watch Kent grow,” Mull said. “When I was here, Dix Stadium didn’t look like this. It just feels great to be back.”

Hubbard said she would like to recognize those who were on Homecoming court and congratulate them on all their accomplishments.

“It was an amazing experience being on the Homecoming court, even before they announced king and queen,” Hubbard said. “I had the most amazing time and I met some really great people. Anyone could have won and everyone deserved to be there.”

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