10 ways to make your long-distance relationship last

Samantha Worgull

There are many students at Kent State and other universities who find themselves in long-distance relationships for a number of reasons. Maybe they go to different schools, or one has already graduated. Either way, it has become an increasingly common thing. So if you find yourself having to make a long-distance relationship last, even for a short period of time, here are some tips to follow.

1. Call your significant other’s phone when you know they can’t answer, and leave a sexy message. Just hearing each other’s voice can get the mind wandering.

2. Download Skype as soon as possible. Just go to www.Skype.com and take a few minutes to do so. It is a perfect way to see each other when you’re miles apart.

“I like Skyping with my boyfriend because it feels like we are actually together, face to face,” Carlie Mantz, freshman exploratory major said.

It makes phone sex seem almost laughable. And when your boyfriend tells you he can’t wait to see you, all you have to do is boot up the computer.

3. Make sure that when you do see your boyfriend or girlfriend, you both have some downtime. Chilling out is essential in a relationship. It shows sides of each other that not everyone sees, and that’s hard to see when you’re always going out with other people.

4. Relationships would be nothing without silly moments. Those moments are especially important when one of you is having a bad day. Send a funny picture of yourself to cheer him up, or tell your girlfriend a funny story.

5. Don’t be camera shy. If you can’t be there in person, be there via text, a picture text that is. Send your boyfriend or girlfriend a picture of you blowing a kiss, or better yet, get his mind racing by taking a picture of the crease of your elbow. He’ll never know it’s not your butt.

6. Most people think that sending letters in the mail is prehistoric, but it can actually be cute. It could work well for a long-distance relationship. Sending a letter or short poem you wrote could remind you that you’re on each other’s mind. And just for kicks, spray it with your favorite perfume or cologne.

7. Next time you visit one another, leave little keepsakes behind. For example, hide a pair of panties, unused of course, underneath his pillow. For the guys, leave one of your t-shirts on her bed, it’s almost guaranteed she will sleep in it and nothing else.

8. Start a tradition. One thing that can help make each other feel more connected is cooking dinner together. Next time you see one another, make your way to www.foodnetwork.com and click on the quick & easy tab; choose a recipe and go through the steps together. Problem solving and working as a team can keep things interesting. Plus, you get some downtime to chat about each other’s week.

9. Plan a cheap weekend getaway or a trip to some local museums. If you visit a site like www.priceline.com, you have the option of naming your own price. The Priceline Negotiator will chop your prices as low as they can go. If you would like to visit some museums with your significant other, visit www.museumspot.com and type in whichever city you want to visit. For example, you could take a weekend trip to Pittsburgh and use both sites to plan your trip. It’s not that far from Kent, and the prices of museums there are fairly reasonable if you use your student discount.

10. Don’t forget to remind each other of the small things. Let him know when you miss him by sending a “miss you” text. “It makes my day when my boyfriend sends me a text that says he misses me and can’t wait to see me on the weekend,” Britney Meece, freshman business major said.

Let him know when you just heard his favorite song, or better yet, when you hear “your” song. Come on, every couple has one.

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