Controversial fliers promote forum on racial stereotypes

Lydia Coutré

Scattered around campus, fliers for an event state common stereotypes, such as, “You’re Asian. So you do nails, right?”

Many of the fliers didn’t explain who put them up or what they were advertising. Most simply invited people to come talk about it Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in Oscar Ritchie Lecture Hall.

The fliers are promoting “Share My World: Are You A Stereotype?” an event aimed to promote discussion about stereotypes and racial or social issues. Focus on the Future Inc., Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and Delta Sigma Theta sorority are sponsoring it.

The goal of the fliers was to shock people and grab their attention said Ashley Bennett, senior Pan-African studies major and secretary for the sorority.

“If you put something controversial that a large facet of people can relate to, it’s going to get people to wonder what is this going to be about,” Bennett said. “Is it going to be controversial or is it going to be a place where I can talk and share my story?”

One flier used the “n-word.”

“I don’t condone the n-word, but when it comes to this event, I agree with the tactic they used in being so blunt, because they want to throw people off so they have an opinion on it so that they do come,” said Nate Lewis, sophomore public health major and Black United Students president.

Bennett said the groups hope people will come share their stories and break barriers and stereotypes.

Alascia Jones, senior business management major and president of the sorority, said she hopes the event will create an open dialogue and a “safe zone to be able to express yourself without fear of judgment.”

“We want people to really feel like they’re in a safe place where they can share their feelings and experiences,” Jones said.

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