Mike Crissman

Contrary to popular belief, Christmas is not “the most wonderful time of the year.” It’s October: the all-around best month ever.

Age-wise, the year is in its 70s during October. It’s distinguished, wise and admirable. It’s experienced a lot in its time, but it’s not too old to create some new lasting memories. October is Clint Eastwood.

The climate during the 10th month of the year is fantastic. The temperature is either lukewarm or lukecold: perfect hoodie weather, perfect football weather, perfect pumpkin pie weather. As a Kent State student, the only drawback to October weather is the onslaught of wind that can take over Risman Plaza. It’s a little difficult and annoying having to walk through that inconvenient wind tunnel to and from class. And of course, October isn’t immune from precipitation. It still rains in October. But it’s not the worst thing in the world. It may make you extra sleepy and lazy, but it is good for the crop.

Let’s not forget the fall foliage. October is the epitome of autumn. The changing color of the leaves is just pure beauty. It’s amazing how easily the fall season can turn a city as ugly as Kent, into the Garden of Eden. It’s something to behold.

There’s nothing like walking through a patch of loud, crunchy, bright-orange leaves that have fallen off a tree, as October often allows you to. I haven’t raked leaves in a while, but I do remember how well worth the task is solely for the jump into the leaf pile at the very end. It’s a real exclamation point to a laborious chore.

(Word to the wise: Never jump into a random pile of leaves on the edge of a street or anywhere else. A seemingly innocent mound of fun may pose a physical threat as there may be hidden sticks or knives lurking within. You never know.)

Besides great weather and colorful leaves, another reason why October is so special is the sports. The Fall Classic, otherwise known as the World Series, begins in October. Nothing says America like 40,000 shivering fans watching a baseball game while eating hot dogs and nachos on a chilly October night. You also got your football — professional and college — to enjoy during October. Unfortunately for Cleveland fans, it’s about the time when reality sets in, as the Browns usually chalk up their fourth and fifth losses of the young season, shattering our yearly championship hopes. October also marks the start of the NBA regular season. During the “LeBron years,” that usually meant some relief for suffering Browns and Indians fans; however, this year might be a little different.

October is also about beards. Many guys (me and my friends from Olson) take part in “Octobeard” every year. We shave September 30 and let the face run wild throughout the entirety of October. You can learn a lot about yourself by attempting to grow a beard. Some boys become men, and some boys stay boys. Try it next year.

The biggest highlight of October has to be Halloween. It’s definitely the most fun holiday of the year.

You and your friends party as ghosts, Lady Gagas, vampires and Ronald Reagans. It’s nuts. Also, on past Halloweens, Chipotle has given out free burritos. That’s a scary good deal with some scary good chicken.

Regardless of October’s superb characteristics, there are still some people out there who prefer a summer month like July or a winter month like December. Sure, wearing shorts is nice, and who doesn’t think snow is sexy, but sometimes in life you have to make compromises. October is nature’s compromise.

Too bad this marvelous month is just about over. Make the most of it this weekend.

Mike Crissman is a sophomore newspaper journalism major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].