Our View: remembrance of things past

DKS Editors

This is not an opinion as much as it is a goodbye.

Since we came to Kent State, there has always been Pete’s Arena. By next semester it won’t be there anymore; a Damon’s will have taken its place.

Campus restaurant changes are nothing new. We’ve seen A&W and Sunset Strips pack up and make way for hot dogs and sushi. It’s expected and not altogether devastating.

But the announcement that we can no longer stop by the basement and grab a couple slices of pizza before loading up on coffee at Jazzman’s and heading to class touched our sentimental sides.

The pizza was good, creative and fast. Ribs aren’t quite as fast as ready-made pizza.

And even if you didn’t feel like pizza and had a good hour to devote to lunch, you could order pasta.

Ah, Pete’s Arena pasta.

This Our View writer remembers the golden days of handing over his ID card and waiting for that three-cheese tortellini. The wait was long but so worth it once you’re rewarded with the cheesy, fattening beauty of that dish.

Too hungry to sit and wait? Buy a plate of those greasy little breadsticks that can never end if you’ve got a basic meal plan.


The only problem was you could never get cell phone reception down there. That won’t change, though, when Damon’s moves in.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.