Creative ways to relieve stress

Isobel Parish

Take a mental trip to the beach

It’s not only the cheapest vacation you’ll ever take, but mentally removing yourself from stressors in daily life also helps you to relax. Close your eyes and let your mind wonder. Worries and stress will disappear, or at least dissipate for the time being.


Invest in an aquarium

It is scientifically proven that watching fish in an aquarium lowers blood pressure. It requires focused, yet non-overwhelming attention to put the mind at ease.


Dance like nobody’s watching

Sometimes you just need to let loose. Forget about embarrassment, put on your favorite song and just let go.


Positivity can do a lot for a person’s mindset. Staying upbeat and confident about your work will help you stay calm.


Everyone gets caught up in a pile of deadlines, essays, work and anything else. Sometimes a cheesy joke or funny moment helps to lighten your load.

Twirl like a 5 year old

Childhood seems to be the least stressful time of a person’s life. You didn’t have to worry about work or exams. Getting back in touch with your inner child makes life seem simpler and more enjoyable.

De-clutter your life

Get rid of things that cause stress. Quit an activity or drop a class if it is too much work. Being a part of everything can be fun, but sometimes a little less clutter can be good.

Do something brand new

Trying something completely different that takes you away from the same old same old.

Talk less, listen more.

When others offer advice, listen. You might find something that really helps. Complaining does not get you anywhere.

Don’t wear tight clothes

Sweat pants will become your best friend for studying late into the night. Feeling comfy helps you relax.

Compliment a stranger

Stress relief is all about mindset. Random acts of kindness boost self-esteem and keep positivity flowing.

Look for the silver lining

Always remain positive. Looking for the good things in every situation helps to make a potentially stressful situation into an easy experience.

Make a to-do list of things you’ve already done

It may sound pointless, but a sense of accomplishment often helps you feel more positive.

Color a picture

Do something completely mindless. Although, deciding between robin egg blue and aquamarine might be momentarily stressful.

Treat yourself

Take an impromptu trip to Starbucks or go to a day spa. Be selfish and indulge. You will be happy you did.

Clean the house

Cleaning, surprisingly enough, can be healthy. A clean house and a clean mind go hand in hand, allowing for a less stressful living environment.

Cuddle with your kitty

Animals are non-judgmental creatures. After a hard and stressful day, having a little catnap with your buddy helps take some of it away.


The best way to mentally re-set is sleep. Getting away from workloads for a little will help you approach things with a fresh and more positive mind.


Catch up on Facebook

A more modern method for stress relief: Facebook. It can be addicting but can also be a useful tool to relax. It takes your mind away from other important things, just don’t stay logged in for hours.

Don’t do anything

Stress involves time and commitment. Taking some time to bum around ruins this. To relax you need to free up your mind and your couch.

Drink a cup of plain hot water

An old Chinese remedy for healing, drinking a cup of plain hot water is said to relieve stress. The steam helps to clear and open up your mind.


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