Cheap and easy: Halloween edition

Christen Mullett

It’s nearly Halloween weekend and you may find yourself without that brilliant costume idea you’ve been searching for. Never fear, I’ve compiled a top 10 list of ghoulishly cheap and easy costume tricks for your Halloween needs.

1) Lego – This costume idea is simple and a lot of fun. You just need a box you can fit into, paint and some colored plastic bowls. Cut a hole in the top of the box for your head and glue or tape six plastic bowls on the front. Paint the box to match the bowls.

2) Rubik’s Cube – All you need is a box and some colored construction paper. Cut a hole in the box for your head and use construction paper squares to create nine different colored squares on each side of your box.

3) Facebook Profile – Get one large piece of white poster board and some markers. Cut a hole near the top where you can stick your face through as your profile picture. Then have fun writing out your Facebook info or some funny comments on the rest of the board. You could also use this idea for a YouTube video starring you.

4) Grapes – You need a purple shirt and a lot of purple balloons. You can attach the balloons with safety pins and a friend’s help.

5) Hobo – This one is easy. You need some old, baggy clothes and brown face paint. If you’re not attached to the clothes, you can cut them up for a more tattered look. Rub the brown face paint all over your face and clothes. You can even use a washable marker for a nice stubbly beard.

6) Censored – All you need are a couple of pieces of black poster board, Velcro, and some white paint. Write “CENSORED” across your board (or boards for the ladies) and attach them with Velcro to some black shorts and a cut-off black tank top, leaving the rest of you bare. You may want to add another board for your backside too.

7) Robot – You will need a few boxes, some aluminum foil or silver paint, bottle caps and markers. You’ll need at least one box for your torso and another for your head, both covered in aluminum foil or paint. You can use smaller boxes for your legs and arms, or aluminum foil duct tubes for added flash. Glue bottle caps to the front of your costume as knobs and draw on levers, circuits and other cool robot gizmos.

8) Mummy – All you need are a few rolls of toilet paper and a buddy to wrap you up. Walk around with stiff arms and legs and throw in some ghoulish moaning for effect.

9) Ghost – If you’re really running out of time before the big Halloween party, you can always just cut some eye holes in an old white sheet for this last minute classic.

10) Roman – Togas are a snap; all you need is a bed sheet. You may want to secure the sheet with safety pins so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose while you’re dancing the night away.

Christen Mullett is a senior psychology major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].