Christine…you’re not us

DKS Editors

While her antics remain entertaining, the idea that Christine O’Donnell is running on a major party’s ticket is scary. We haven’t seen someone this unprepared for public office since Sarah Palin joined “Team Maverick” back in ’08.

It’s somewhat amazing that so many video clips can come back to haunt someone in the age before YouTube and social media dominated the landscape. It goes to show that O’Donnell has tried every gimmick to get on camera.

First there was the whole “I dabbled in witchcraft” video, which was promptly followed by the “I’m not a witch” ad.

Then, the footage from her mid-90s anti-masturbation campaign on MTV made its rounds.

Then there was the C-SPAN debate where O’Donnell could not name one recent Supreme Court case.

Perhaps the most disturbing revelation from the witch ad, in which O’Donnell boldly proclaimed, “I’m not a witch. I’m nothing you’ve heard . . . I’m you.”

It’s certainly understandable that a candidate would try to relate to the electorate, but sometimes they go too far and they just seem more out of touch.

From time to time, voters can make awful decisions and support candidates who have absolutely no experience, like in the case of current South Carolina senatorial candidate Alvin Greene.

He is another example of a candidate who should have never won the primary. Except in Greene’s case, his own party tried to do oust him, not blindly follow him.

It’s not that we’re endorsing career politicians. It’s nice to get a breath of fresh air when an intelligent newcomer runs for office. But incompetency is never a good quality to vote on.

While her candidacy is sort of a funny joke, the fact that she managed to get on her party’s ticket is as scary as her witchcraft revelations.

Quite fitting for this Halloween season.

DKS Editors.