Nostalgia found at Cleveland shop

Bridget McLaughlin

Nestled less than an hour away in Cleveland Heights on Coventry Road, Big Fun Toy Store couldn’t have been more appropriately named.

Upon entry into Big Fun, customers are transported in a nostalgic time machine back to their childhood.

The walls are covered in posters of childhood icons, favorite TV shows and movies, super heroes and much more.

Even the ceilings are decorated corner to corner with local artist depictions of childhood standbys and hanging pieces like the bicycle from “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.”

There are sections devoted to “I Love Lucy,” Atari video games, “Transformers,” and just about every comic book character imaginable.

Even the “My Little Pony” crew has a designated area.

With the multitude of inventory Big Fun has to offer, you could find yourself spending hours there remembering all the escapades you got into with your Care Bears as a kid.

Big Fun not only carries new and vintage toys, but also birthday cards, band T-shirts, stickers, old school candy and knickknacks that are sure to bring about a reminiscent reaction.

Founder and owner Steve Presser remembers his first time in a nostalgic collectors shop: “It was like the first time you see ‘The Wizard of Oz’ when you were a kid when it goes from black and white to color and you’re like ‘Oh, my God!’”

Presser said his whole concept is that you leave Big Fun happier than when you arrived.

If you have half a tank of gas and half a day to spare, Big Fun is a nostalgic adventure worth checking out.

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