Bill Clinton says ‘Vote Strickland’ for a better job market

Laura Lofgren

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“Strickland has done exactly the right things to fight for Ohio and lay a foundation for long-term growth: investing in education, making an unprecedented commitment to alternative energy, and helping small businesses succeed by cutting red tape, said a press release from the rally.”

Clinton concluded with a cry for help: “I’m pleading to you. You’ve got one of the finest governors I’ve ever known. Re-elect the governor! Thank you, and God bless you!”

Carrie Spreitzer, from the east side of Cleveland, came to the rally to support Clinton and Strickland’s efforts.

After a political science career in college, Spreitzer volunteered to cover a Clinton rally in 1996.

“It was like the best concert you’ve ever been to,” she said.

After the rally, Spreitzer continued in her support of Clinton’s and now Strickland’s efforts in Ohio.

Spreitzer said Strickland is not the perfect candidate, but she still supports his efforts.

“He was handed a mess and did what he could with it.”

Lou Elsaesser, a democrat of Cleveland, said “It’s about time we heard what I think is the truth.” He said he wasn’t aware that Strickland was voted top governor for the last three years as far as economic development.

Valerie Cichocki, a volunteer at the rally and a master’s student at Cleveland State, said, “I wanted to help out the campaign while I finished (my internship) up. I’m really into the democratic party in general.”

According to Cichocki, the rally surpassed their target audience member goal, with about 700 people in the gymnasium.

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