Love Stories in This Town by Amanda Eyre Ward

Kelley Stoklosa

This collection of short stories is kind of strange in a great way. In part one of “Love Stories in this Town,” Amanda Eyre Ward introduces several characters trying to adjust to major life events.

The stand out story in part one is titled “Should I Be Scared?” Ward is excellent at contrasting reality with what is going on inside her character’s mind. In “Should I Be Scared?” the protagonist is convinced she should spend her and her husband’s life savings on a supply of Cipro after hearing it is the antidote to anthrax.

It’s amusing to read this woman become so set on getting these pills, and she doesn’t even notice her husband clearly thinks she has lost her mind. Ward’s ability to weave subtle humor into a dark situation makes this book worth reading.

Part two follows one character, Lola, through various milestones in her life. Lola seems to be surrounded by strange situations throughout her adult life, from watching her ex-boyfriend marry Miss Montana to kicking her father out of her minivan in the middle of Texas.

It is interesting to observe how Lola views the world around her compared to how other people, like Lola’s mother-in-law, see Lola. Ward’s take on offbeat love is definitely worth reading, especially for those who wouldn’t pick something up with the word love in the title.

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