Our View: A Little Recognition

DKS Editors

Kent State is finally getting the recognition it deserves with a spot in U.S. News and World Report’s top tier of best colleges. Kent State now ranks 183 out of 1,400 universities around the nation. In previous years, the university did not receive a ranking, because it fell in tier three. Only schools in the first two tiers ranked, but this year U.S. News and World Report did away with the last two tiers. It also placed more emphasis on graduation rates.

Critics of the ranking system worry the criteria only address who gets into the university and ignore what actually goes on inside of the classroom. The report also relies heavily on peer assessment–too much for some.

Still, it is worth mentioning that other institutions on the list include Ivy League colleges like Harvard University and Stanford University. We think it’s nice to be included on the exclusive list, controversial as it might be. The country is finally noticing what we have known all along.

Enrollment rates are up and incoming freshman have the highest ACT averages in the university’s history. Kent State is also home to some great programs like the Liquid Crystal Institute, the fashion school and the nationally recognized nursing college (not to mention the top notch journalism and mass communication program). Perhaps we’re partial, but we think students and faculty at Kent State are pretty great.

No matter what reason our school landed in the top tier, it will only help you in the world of public opinion. So be proud that your university is on a fancy list. It may not account for what happens inside the classroom, but we know how hard you work. Brag about it years from now at cocktail parties, mention it in job interviews, take advantage of the ranking that you helped to secure. And say goodbye to the old Kent read, Kent write, Kent State.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.