Do you remember what you did last night?

Brittney Trojanowski

Kent State students like to party on the weekends, and the late night joints in downtown Kent know that is the best time for business.

Many places like Five Guys, Papa John’s and Burger King stay open late to cater to these hungry college kids’ late night urges.

“We love our drunk college students because they do a lot for us at night,” said Burger King’s assistant manager Sam Cantor.

But the crazy college party stories don’t always stay at the party. The employees at these food joints are almost guaranteed to be victims of a drunken person encounter. Unfortunately, Sue Wendt, assistant manager of Bruno’s Authentic Pizza, was one of these victims on Halloween last year.

Four friends came in to Bruno’s and tried to get two free pizza slices after buying a slice, during which they were calling women whores and sluts. They reached over the counter at Wendt when she wouldn’t give them the free pizza.

Wendt kept asking them to leave, and when they wouldn’t leave she came out from around the counter and shoved the 6-foot-2-inch guy out of the door.

Once kicked out, they were out in the parking lot kicking trashcans, breaking beer bottles and trying to tip the Bruno’s Pizza trailer over. Wendt kept pushing them across the parking lot as one of them started calling her names.

“It’s a shame,” one of them said, and Wendt replied: “No, you know what’s the shame? Your parents pay all that money for you to go to college for you to act as stupid as you are.”

After that, they shut up and left.

“All they wanted to do was fight and argue,” Wendt said.

She explained that she didn’t call the cops because she didn’t have time to with all of the pizza orders coming in and going out.

Other places like Penn Station and Burger King said there haven’t been too many crazy incidents so far this year.

“We always get the crowds from the parties from around us, but we have a uniformed officer here all night so that kind of keeps things in check when they get inside,” Cantor said.

Penn Station’s crew leader Nicole Burgard’s craziest drunken person encounter was last year during CollegeFest when there was a line throughout the store, and people were in and out using the bathroom and bringing their beer into the store.

But the funniest drunk person encounter has to be from Falon Conti, who currently works at Five Guys, but when she worked at Chipotle, she encountered quite the interesting group of girls on Halloween last year.

A group of girls walked in and took their friend to the bathroom. When they came running out, Conti asked them what happened, and they told her that their friend had broken the sink.

“She was so drunk she sat on the sink and broke the sink. The sink fell completely off the wall,” Conti said. “We had to close down the bathroom for at least four days to fix it.”

So remember, use your manners and keep a sober composure after a long night of fun because not everything that happens at late night joints stays at late night joints. It may end up in the Daily Kent Stater.

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