Partying Discouraged in University Townhomes

Lauren Mazza

A local apartment manager is trying to prevent any “riot-like” activities from occurring at his complex next spring.

When students arrived, University Townhomes sent residents a warning along with their move-in packet that states, “Participation in the May Day party is strongly discouraged, we will be out to tour the property that evening. Parties during this event can become very destructive and you are responsible for all damage.”

May Day parties refer to large, outdoor parties to celebrate the end

of the school year.

Don DelRosa, manager of the apartment complex, said past May Day parties have created more than 20 thousand dollars worth of damage. Students knocked down lampposts and signs, and they even ruined other students’ cars.

Some students don’t plan on having a May Day party, but for different reasons than mentioned in the lease. Zach Kanter, senior music education major, said he would not throw an end-of-the-year party because townhomes are very small, and if cops were to show up, there is no where to go. So it’s a real liability to have your own party.

Other students say the warning in their lease won’t stop them from having a good time at the end of the school year. Sophomore fashion merchandising major Clara Harvey said she’s not worried about it.

“They won’t kick us out because they will have nobody to pay the rent for the next three months of that year,” she said. “I would still have the party.”

Although DelRosa doesn’t want unruly residents, he said, “we were all kids once, and I don’t want to ruin anyone’s good time.” He also said, “the places are nicer now, and we have a good group of residents.”

Students may be unsure about having a May Day party in the spring, but according to a Facebook group, some residents are planning on having a “Townhome Fest” tonight.

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