MoveOn makes a stand in Brecksville

Vince Peluso

BRECKSVILLE – Political organization MoveOn attempted to make its voice heard on Wednesday by planning a rally in Brecksville in support of the “Fight Washington Corruption” Pledge.

However, poor organization resulted in just three people arriving outside of 13th District Congressional Candidate Tom Ganley’s home.

None of those in attendance worked for MoveOn.

The Fight Washington Corruption Pledge, which was signed by 13th District Incumbent Betty Sutton, supports getting rid of corporate lobbyists in Washington.

Debbie Flaherty of Berea came in support of the rally, but was surprised when she found out the location was a residential area outside of Ganley’s home.

“I don’t really feel comfortable rallying outside of someone’s home,”

Flaherty said. “I think it’s important that we get politicians to back off corporate influences, but this isn’t how I’d want to go about that.”

Flaherty said she attended the rally because she had concerns about

Ganley’s campaign potentially being financed through corporations because of his ties as president and CEO of the Ganley Automotive


Flaherty, who said she has gone to two other successful protests organized by MoveOn, said the health care issue is what got her involved in politics.

“I really wanted to see the health care bill get through and that’s why I got involved with MoveOn,” she said. “I started following politics closer and I believe in this pledge, but I’m very uncomfortable with going to a personal residence. I’ll be sure to send them an e-mail letting them know how I feel.”

Also in attendance at the rally was Robert Moran, a registered voter in Florida who lives in Ohio during the summer. He said he has no interest in the 13th District race but believes in the pledge.

Moran said he has protested several times in Florida, mostly against the Iraq War, but wasn’t interested in rallying outside of Ganley’s house.

“My wife told me about a rally against corporate interest in Washington,” he said. “I think that’s a big issue, but I would not protest outside a candidate’s home. I thought we would be in front of an office today. I’m always very respectful of a personal residence.”

-Vince Peluso