African Community Theatre seeks students and community members

Ellen Kirtner

The African Community Theatre will hold auditions for its fall production this Thursday and Friday from 5-8 p.m. at the theater on the second floor of Oscar Ritchie Hall.

Director Francis Dorsey said he encourages students and community members to be a part of the production, whether through acting or volunteering as an usher or crewmember.

Individuals interested in auditioning should prepare a three- to five-minute monologue or a song if he or she is more interested in singing, Dorsey said.

The production, “Stagolee,” is an adaptation of a short story by Julius Lester. The story itself is based on traditional black American folklore.

The production also includes a prelude Dorsey helped to write and adapt to the show.

Dorsey said the production features 13 speaking roles and several musical numbers.

“I don’t call it a musical,” Dorsey said. “It’s an ensemble production with music, song and dance.”