Cheers and Jeers for September 29, 2010

DKS Editors


Cheers to the six Democratic candidates who spoke at Kent State on Monday morning. We’re glad they’re considering the needs of students and the power we hold in the voting ring.

Cheers to the return of fall foods. Pumpkin ice cream, lattés and apple cider are a delicious antidote to the cold weather.

Cheers to the addition of credit card swipe features on campus vending machines. Now when you don’t have cash, you can pay by card.


Jeers to the alleged 40-person brawl at Campus Pointe last weekend. After similar, smaller fights resulted in the deaths of Chris Kernich and John White, students need to stop relying on violence to solve problems.

Jeers to the return of leggings as pants. Unless you’re wearing a shirt of proper length, leggings are not a substitute to pants.

Jeers to Ted Strickland and John Kasich for losing their cool during a debate last Friday. If you can’t debate professionally, it makes voters not want to choose either candidate.