Pride! Kent elects new exec board

Lydia Coutre

PRIDE! Kent elected a new executive board at their first meeting Thursday night.

The group elected Trae Ruscin as president, Amanda Fincham as vice president, Martonyo Caddiell as programming director and Cristina Mazzone as allies chair.

This was the group’s second time voting. Spring elections were deemed invalid because they did not align properly with the group’s constitution.

The constitution dictates each nominee must receive a two-thirds majority vote on a yes-or-no voting ballot to be elected in.

Ruscin received a 77 percent vote, Fincham an 87 percent vote, Caddiell an 87 percent vote and Mazzone a 97 percent vote.

Karla Anhalt, associate professor and faculty advisor for PRIDE!, and Brenda McKenzie, associate director of the Center for Student Involvement, oversaw the elections to ensure they followed the constitution.

After the elections, the meeting was passed to the new executive board, which regularly runs meetings.

Rebecca Lazarus, a junior biology major, was a member last spring and therefore eligible to vote.

“The nominees should really get the positions they deserve because last year it wasn’t the right way to do it. It was just unfair and pretty much incorrect,” Lazarus said.

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