Sex and subliminal slavery in the city

SarahBeth Caplin

When I think of feminism, I think of women deserving to have the same rights as men, and equal protection under the law. The feminist movement, despite its good intentions, unknowingly made it permissible for women to degrade men under the guise of “sexual freedom,” completely contradicting its original purpose.

I wonder how many women are aware of the irony in embracing the douchebag qualities of men that sparked the feminist movement in the first place. The underlying message of the ever-popular TV show “Sex and the City” is that women having sex “like men” (solely for pleasure, no strings attached) without the burden of a scarlet letter is more than just a treasured freedom. It’s a fundamental right.

Nothing is being accomplished as more women embrace this mindset. Today, women are adopting the same oppressive attitudes of the men who used women as nothing more than sex objects. It makes little difference that both parties agree that no commitment will come out of their sexual relations. The attitude of “I don’t really care about this person, but wow is he/she hot” remains the same. Women do not gain power and dignity if men have permission to view them as nothing more than vehicles of pleasure, all because now the woman is supposed to be “proud” of her body and “own” her sexuality.

Men have gotten away with oppressing women and using them for sex for far too long. Women who gleefully mimic their oppressors by treating men the exact same way are making a grave mistake. It depresses me to see how many women fall victim to the belief that being proud of their bodies and sexuality (now that, at least in the United States, it’s no longer taboo to express it) means submitting themselves as playthings, even with their knowledge and consent. Why should men feel bad about objectifying women, if more women subconsciously embrace the values that once enslaved them?

Sexual freedom for women should mean not having to worry about having to sleep with a guy as compensation for a nice dinner. Sexual freedom should mean that both genders don’t have to worry about when they should sleep together so they’ll know for sure the other is “interested.” Sexual freedom, above all else, is the ability to say “no” without having to be labeled a prude.

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