Grants for better classes is an A+ idea

DKS Editors

Since the semester started, we’ve been pleased to see new renovations all over campus. But perhaps even better than the construction outside, students can now look forward to better classes thanks to a handful of $6,000 grants gifted to deserving professors.

Selected by Associate Provost Stephane Booth, the best ideas to create more engaging classes received grants and are currently in the works. We love the idea that teachers are recognizing the importance of fun classes. Any attempt to put an end to glazed-over eyes and drool-covered desks is a worthy cause.

In particular, the grant given to Jon Secaur to improve the Physics I lab is a phenomenal start.

“I didn’t feel labs as we currently had them were very fun, very engaging,” Secaur said. Sorry physics majors, but no kidding. Even if graphing equations and solving advanced formulas is your forte, a little excitement is always a good thing.

Then there’s the grant gifted to the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising. The school is using this money to create a junior-level class that combines fashion design and merchandising. Brilliant!

In all seriousness, it’s a smart step to give students a multifaceted education. More than ever before, graduates are expected to know multiple dimensions of their fields. Enough isn’t enough anymore. This class will equip fashion majors, who are going to have enough trouble once they hit the job market, with extra skills. It could be the difference between unemployment and living large.

Stepping back to the bigger picture, Kent State is moving up in the academic world. Whether it be recognition in the U.S. News and World Report’s top tier of best colleges or the development of exciting, modern and forward-

thinking classes, a Kent State education is nothing to joke about.

What defines an exciting class is a personal choice. What defines a good quality class is pretty concrete. These grants are combining both principles. What could be better than that?