Happily ever after at Kent State

Kristen O'Brien

It was love at first sight for Mitch Gordon and Winnie Sodhi when they met at Kent State’s homecoming game in their freshman year. At the time, Mitch Gordon was going through rigorous training to become an officer in the ROTC program, and Winnie Sodhi was an enthusiastic fashion merchandising major.

The couple knew that Gordon would have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world in the ROTC program, and they knew they didn’t want to live separate lives. As a result, the couple decided to get married.

While many students may juggle their money problems and their schoolwork, Gordon and Sodhi decided to add marriage into the mix — with no damper on their finances or studies.

Over the course of a year, their original plans of getting married for the perks have changed. Gordon decided he no longer wanted to be in the ROTC and has switched his major to health care administration.

They said that although Gordon is no longer in the ROTC, their decision to get married has not changed.

Both grinning from ear to ear, they were eager to discuss their marriage and often finished each other’s sentences. Gordon, as a gentleman, let his wife speak first.

“Either it was now or five years down the road,” Sodhi said, Gordon adding, “in the end we were still going to get married.”

They seem to have many aspects of their relationship under control, including their expenses. Sodhi said they are even “beating the system” when it comes to money issues.

Gordon and Sodhi said with a sense of relief that Gordon recently received a resident manager’s position in the Allerton Student Family Housing complex. All utilities are included and they will live there for free.

He also is in the process of becoming employed by PARTA, while Sodhi has just started working at the Kent State University Bookstore.

Even though the two have conflicting school and work schedules, they always manage to find the time to be with each other.

“If one person is up late studying, the other person is up doing some kind of homework with them even if they don’t have a test,” Gordon said.

Their relationship is so effortless that they talk as if no one else is in the room.

They will celebrate their one-year anniversary on Oct. 11 and expressed what they believe to be the best part of their marriage.

“It’s like always having your best friend around,” Gordon said. “Especially in college, life has its hardships. I’m sure every student could attest to that, but having someone to share that with makes it a lot easier.”

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