Campuswide fire safety drill

DKS Editors

KSU students will focus on fire saftey on September 29.

Students will participate today in a campuswide fire safety awareness drill, according to a Department of Public Safety document.

The drill will be held at 11:10 a.m., and instead of evacuating students from each building, classroom instructors and unit supervisors will review safety guidelines with their respective students and employees.

Students and employees will be familiarized with various building evacuations and precautions to be taken in the event of a fire.

Matthew Radigan, Kent State’s police support services manager, said that he understands students have been through 12 years of fire drills.

“If you’ve gotten to college,” he said, “I’d expect you to know what to do when the fire alarm went off.”

The drill will be initiated through the campus mass notification system located in each building and will advise students to take notice of the nearest safe evacuation route in the building.

Other ways students might be notified about an emergency message include: sending out Flash ALERTS, posting warnings on campus cable televisions and using the building PA systems, Radigan said.