Why Sarah Palin is still an awesome Halloween costume

Kate Noftsinger

School is back in full swing. You know what that means? Only two months until Halloween!

Even light conversation usually heads to the direction of “What are you going to be?” …no one means when you grow up.

Costumes are always a daunting choice, and I’ve helped visualize a few great ones. Since I do not break pinky promises, I cannot reveal what those are, but let’s just say I have a certain affinity for the topical; in fifth grade my best friend and I were Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Just saying.

In the spirit of staying current, Sarah Palin seems like an obvious choice. So I was shocked when someone said Mama Grizzly would no longer be a good Halloween costume. It’s been done, laid to rest in 2008 like those “High School Musical” kids. But I couldn’t disagree more. Here’s a list of reasons why:

Sarah Palin dresses up like a politician every day. It’s only fitting that others dress up like her (and a snazzy suit jacket is easy to obtain). Her existence is founded on imitation as she pretends to be a reasonable, rational, informed individual who could be trusted as a member of the executive branch.

I’m not sure what part of her “professional lady” ensemble is attempting to pass as feminist, but that’s purely pretentious as well. The woman is an optical illusion, begging to be impersonated.

Another reason? She’s upped the ante. Two years ago, she was merely McCain’s counterpart. After failing to secure the position as vice president of the United States, she’s now vying for Queen of America (incorporate a sash and a crown). Going rogue on her own, there are fewer barriers standing between what Palin wants and Palin does. In fact, every ridiculous whim is actually encouraged, which is how her infamous “mama grizzlies” commercial made it from her brain to our television sets.

Lastly, Bristol, her daughter, who had her own controversial commercial, never leaves the news. The ambassador of the Candies Foundation’s abstinence program has broken off her Us Weekly engagement to Levi Johnston and is headed for “Dancing with the Stars” (add sidekick in evening wear carrying a baby).

Is it fair to include her daughter in this critical assessment? Yes, but only because Palin has appropriated all of her children throughout her political aspirations and placed a rather ironic emphasis on motherhood during her second wind.

While the Palin phenomenon exploded during the presidential election, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. And there’s never been a better time for costumes.

This year, in addition to glasses and heels, you could incorporate props, like a copy of her book or a tea cup. The point is, the former Alaskan governor is still fair game for Halloween mockery, and I’ll be terribly disappointed if I don’t see a few this fall.

Kate Noftsinger is a columnist for The BG News at Bowling Green State University.