Our view: Are. You. Serious.

DKS Editors

Like most people on campus yesterday, we were shocked by the news that the university is constructing a college green with a large clock tower in front of the library.

First off, there is not enough parking on this campus as it is. So the idea of taking out 25 to 50 parking spots should not sit well with anyone. They should be adding a parking garage instead. At least students would get use out of it.

It seems odd that the university would spend $3.5 million to build a college green in a spot that never gets foot traffic. Unless you are an upperclassman commuter student who just so happens to be parked across the street, you would never go near that clock tower.

We’ve generally supported President Lester Lefton’s renovation goals, but this new college green proposal is unacceptable. No one was denying that Risman Plaza needed a major facelift, but it doesn’t need an expansion.

And the fact that this money isn’t coming from the $250 million renovation proposal is just ridiculous.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.