Beauty on a budget

Dana Rozum

Everywhere we look in the media, famous men and women are seen styling the most up-to-date fashions and trends.

Young people across the world spend hours and hours pouring through fashion magazines, attempting to re-create their favorite looks.

However, college students usually do not have the same budget as celebrities.

Although having the wardrobe of Paris Hilton or Heidi Klum seems so far out of reach, there are die-hard fashionistas out there spending their entire paychecks to make the best attempt at a designer look.

Eating Ramen Noodles for two weeks to pay for those shoes you “have to have” may seem like a heroic idea in the name of fashion, but there are easy ways students can save on the basics in their wardrobe and beauty routine to collect some extra cash to put in a Jimmy Choo fund.

A great basic piece in almost every girl’s wardrobe today is leggings. As an essential in their wardrobe, girls may own many pairs in many colors, which can become pricey.

They can be found at Target, however, for $10, which can save you a great deal compared to other clothing companies.

The Target leggings can even be found with embellishments such as lace, zippers and snaps around the ankles all for only $10.

Bra Camis are also worn almost on a daily basis under sweaters, T-shirts, button-downs and blouses.

At Forever 21, you can grab these daily essentials for only $3.50 in a variety of colors.

A women’s beauty routine also plays a huge role in her overall appearance.

Cut back by purchasing hair products at Sally Beauty Supply or even at the grocery store instead of at the hair salon.

Products from the salon are typically overpriced and may even be the same products sold in stores for less than half the price.

Nail polish at Sephora starts at about $12 a bottle and the prices go up from there. At Wal-Mart, nail polish in almost every color imaginable can be found for as low as $2.

At times it becomes easy to fall into the trap of desiring every item seen on a favorite celebrity, but there are ways to prioritize spending to allow extra room in the important places.

By saving on basics worn frequently and beauty supplies, more quality statement pieces can be purchased to create even better overall star-worthy looks.

– Dana Rozum [email protected] .