Chef offers free food and cooking lessons

Katie Moore

Campus Chefs give free cooking lessons in Eastway

Kent Student Center Programming presents cooking demonstrations in the Eastway Private Dining Room for the first time this semester with various campus chefs each week. It is designed for students to learn how to cook while living on campus.

The cooking lessons take place every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. through Nov. 10. This week featured simple breakfast meals with Executive Chef Lana Bodnar.

“Breakfast is something that they do on their own,” Bodnar said. “It gets you going. That’s why I wanted to give the students some ideas to cook back in their dorm rooms.”

Bodnar has been making culinary delights for 25 years. All the items she used in the demo can be bought on campus.

Bodnar featured various flatbread and wrap creations for all of her dishes. Examples included a cinnamon-apple granola flatbread with caramel drizzle and an egg, bacon and cheddar cheese flatbread topped with scallions.

“No real recipe is to be had,” she said. “You can put whatever you want on the wrap or flatbread and if there are any leftovers, just nuke it.”

John Goehler, assistant director of Dining Services, started off this semester cooking for the first two demos.

“We aim to please,” Goehler said. “If anyone has a problem, bring it to our attention and we will take care of it.”

All the dishes that are made are versatile. Many students don’t have access to full-size kitchens but most have microwaves. The chefs present dishes that can be replicated with a kitchen appliance or a microwave.

“It’s all about taking care of the student,” Goehler said. “We are always here.”

Emily Mulcahey, sophomore fashion design major, has been to three of the five events.

“Since I have heard about it I’ve been trying to come every week,” Mulcahey said.

Mulcahey brought her friend Julia Weygandt, senior English major, to sample the food being prepared for the audience.

“I definitely approve,” Weygandt said. “Emily told me about it, and I had to hurry to get over here because my class gets out at five.”

The demos have had a rocky start since they are so new. About 25 people showed up for this week’s lesson.

“There definitely should be more people here,” Weygandt said. “It’s free food — free good food.”

Next week, Tim Costello, executive chef of the Schwebel Room, will teach how to cook with a slow cooker.

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