PARTA bus crash sends three to the hospital

Frank Yonkof

A late afternoon crash sent three PARTA bus riders to the hospital after a collision on Campus Center Drive.

Angie Crum, a freshman fine arts and architecture major, and her father were making a left turn out of the university’s C-lot near Greek Village when his SUV was T-boned by the PARTA bus, she said.

The three injured riders, who were not students, were transported to Robinson Memorial Hospital, according to Lt. Paula Rossi of the Kent State University Police.

Their names were not released, but their injuries don’t appear to be life threatening, said Lt. William Myers of the Kent Fire Department.

“I was so scared,” said Crum, whose father was driving at the time of the collision. “I didn’t know what was going on.”

The airbags in the SUV didn’t deploy, she said, but they were not injured.

“We had our seatbelts on, but we still hit the dashboard,” Crum said.

Police received the call at 5:05 p.m. and had the scene cleared an hour later.

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