Board of Trustees awards Lefton $97,470 as annual bonus

Nick Glunt

President Lester Lefton earned a 3 percent raise to his salary and a performance-based bonus at the most recent Kent State Board of Trustees meeting held in May. As a result, Lefton will earn $499,046 this year.

The board voted at their meeting and reached an approval.

Lefton’s salary increased from $389,880 to $401, 576 as a result of the raise. When he started his term on July 1, 2006, Lefton was earning a salary of $350,000.

In addition to his raise, the board gave him a bonus. According to his contract, Lefton is entitled to a bonus based on his performance over the past 12 months.

He is eligible to earn a bonus up to 25 percent of his salary. The board approved a full 25 percent bonus. Thus, he earned a $97,470 bonus to be paid in July.

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