Flight team prepares for trip to SAFECON

Nicole Aikens

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“You have to be at the exact point at the exact time you said you would,” Adelman said.

For junior flight technology major Amanda Willett, this will be her first competition with the Precision Flight Team.

“Oh, I’m nervous,” Willett said, “but I think everything will be fine.”

Willett is one of three female members of the team, but she said that even though the team is primarily made up of men, it doesn’t change the relationship between the team.

“All the guys treat all of us like we’re one big group,” Willett said. “We’re one big family.”

Throughout the spring semester, the Precision Flight Team has been training at Kent State University Airport. For the ground events like aircraft recognition and the planning events, the team has access to old competition tests, but all that they can do to prepare for the flying events is just fly.

“It’s all personal skill,” Myers said.

For the landing events, the pilot is trying to get as close to an aim line as possible. The closer the pilot lands the plane to that line, the fewer points the pilot receives. Whoever has the least points wins that event.

“You’re really trying to pinpoint and trying to hit something,” Palcho said. “We’re talking feet.”

Even though this is a national competition, the outcome isn’t the only important thing.

Both Myers and Adelman said that, with over 30 teams from across the nation, the other team members aren’t just competitors — there’s the possibility that they are future coworkers.

“The competition is fun and everything,” Adelman said, “but the important thing is you need people in the industry later on.”

That being said, the team is still looking to do well in the competition, and the members and the coaches are confident in the their ability.

“We are, perhaps, one of the best flying teams in the country,” Myers said.

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