Ditch the Library

Sarah Spaulding

Four interesting places to study for finals

Students have been turning to the library as a quiet haven to study since the inception of higher education. However, some students today are sick of the same old habits and are choosing to kick tradition in favor of new, more interesting places to cram. Here are four places in Kent to check out for finals week:

Acorn Alley, 154 E. Main St. (across from The Kent Stage)

Acorn Alley came in Fall 2009 as part of an effort to renovate downtown Kent. The alley is full of shops, places to eat and a little cove with a couch, chairs and some patio furniture for students to hang out called Earl’s Nest.

“Pita Pit is open until 3 a.m. during the week and 4:30 a.m. on the weekends,” said Alexandria Kluczarov, senior Recreation Parks and Tourism management major and Pita Pit employee. “Most places are open pretty late so a lot of people stop by,”

Scribbles Coffee Co., 237 N. Water St.

Scribbles opened about two and a half years ago and has since established itself as having “the best coffee in Kent,” according to Daniel Baker, freshman history major. There is a backroom which doubles as a miniature library with shelves packed full of books and plenty of couches and chairs.

“It’s pretty isolated from what’s going on in the front so it’s pretty quiet and we won’t kick you out,” said owner, Rodney Wilson.

The establishment is aptly named for the sheets of paper that cover the tables and crayons that are available for doodling during a much needed break from the books.

Pulp Juice & Smoothie Bar, 1708 E. Main St.

With comfy chairs, free Wi-Fi and healthy treats, Pulp provides a calm atmosphere for students to study.

“We have smoothies that are healthy and a smart enhancer that will help you study,” said Lauren McWiggin, Pulp employee.

Starbucks, 436 E. Main St.

Some students look for a little more hustle and bustle in the background while they’re studying.

“(Starbucks) is very relaxing, even though it’s noisy,” said Jamie Reynolds, senior fashion design major.

Employee Ashley Brooke Toussant believes the atmosphere created at Starbucks stems from tradition.

“I think it goes back to the thought of having coffee and reading a book or having conversation,” she said.

There is a loft area above the coffee bar with comfy chairs and sizable tables where students can spread out their laptops and books for some serious studying while enjoying a cup of joe.

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