What color are you feeling today?

Kelley Stoklosa

Feeling blue? Green with envy? Tickled pink? Seeing red?

Color has long been associated with mood, but color therapy remains slightly controversial due to the subjective nature of results.

Recently, researchers at BMC Medical Research Methodology put color theories to the test. The researchers added shades of black, gray or white to six basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. A random selection of anxious, clinically depressed and mentally healthy people selected which color they felt “most drawn to.”

The results seemed to back up some of the long-standing color associations. A bright, sunshine yellow was usually selected by happy people. Healthy people often chose light blue, while depressed people were drawn to dark blue.

The most important findings, according to one researcher, say that, “The shade of color is more important than the color itself.” So if someone says they are feeling blue, it may be more correct to say they are feeling dark blue.

Pink has been well known for calming effects. Reportedly, former Iowa basketball coach, Hayden Fry, had the visitor’s locker room painted in soft pinks for this very reason. The mixed reactions Fry and his Hawkeyes received from their paint choice is an example of how greatly color perception varies from person-to-person, and mood-to-mood.

The Lüscher Color test, developed by psychotherapist Max Lüscher, examines a person’s psychophysical state. The test aims to determine a person’s physical and emotional response to various colors. Experts of the color test say results will vary every time to reflect a person’s ever changing mood. Lüscher based his test on four categories: Blue (contentment), green (self-respect), red (self-confidence) and yellow (development). Discover your mood at www.colorquiz.com.

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How incorporating these colors

into your life affects your mood

• Green- will bring you back to nature with its healing qualities

• Blue- for those looking for a little serenity in their lives

• Red- will help you appear confident and in control

• Orange- bring out your creativity with shades in the citrus family

• Purple- helps channel wisdom, so wear some to your next exam

• Yellow- throw on something yellow and say goodbye to the rainy day blues

Color and the Zodiac

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