BSR morning update for Monday April 5, 2010

Ryan Collins

From the Franklin Hall Newsroom for Monday, April 05, I’m Ryan Collins and here’s what’s happening…

Kent Presbyterian Church is building a new place for Kent State students to live off-campus. The housing will be on Summit Street and will be able to hold close to 400 occupants. Students are not required to practice any religion to live there. However, no alcohol or drugs will be allowed.

Now with the latest news from NASA, we go to BSR’s Steven Webster.

Thanks, Ryan.

The space shuttle Discovery blasted off for the International Space Station this morning. The shuttle’s mission is to deliver parts and science experiments to the space station, and includes three planned spacewalks. Only three more shuttle missions are planned until the program’s retirement.

And now for a look at entertainment, here’s Ryan Collins.

Thanks, Steven.

Erykah Badu has been given a disorderly conduct citation. The singer took all of her clothes off in a public place in Dallas, Texas on March 17. She was filming a music video. Badu may have to pay up to $500.

And now for your BSR forecast.

Today will start out cloudy with a 40% chance of thunderstorms, brightening up around noon. Today’s high temperature will be 73 degrees, with a low of 57 degrees tonight.

And here’s a look at the BSR Concert Calendar…

American War will be on D.I.T. Radio this Wednesday at 3pm. Miranda Lambert will be at the Akron Civic Theatre at 8pm on Friday, April 9. And on Saturday, April 10, Edwin McCain will be at the House of Blues in Cleveland at 9pm.

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