Save some green while going green

Kelley Stoklosa

• Electronic devices still use electricity when they are plugged in. Televisions actually use power when they are switched off. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you could reduce your monthly electricity bill by unplugging.

• Stop buying plastic water bottles and invest in a reusable water bottle. Kent State recently installed a water bottle refilling station in the Student Center to make it even easier to go green. You could save $10.50 a week by not buying plastic water bottles.

• Ride your bike. Using your bicycle instead of your car will save you about $25 a week and help cut down on pollution. If you have to travel far distances, take advantage of the student-rate PARTA offers to Cleveland and Akron.

• Second-hand clothes have less impact on the environment and are usually a lot cheaper. Head down to Goodwill or your favorite vintage shop and see what you can find.

— Kelley Stoklosa