KSU groups discuss Ariz. immigration bill

Antonio L. Stephenson

Members fear law will increase discrimination

Last night the Spanish and Latino Student Association, along with the group Advocates of Culture and Knowledge addressed the new law passed last Friday in Arizona that allows government officials to request documented proof of citizenship to anyone who looks to be an illegal alien.

“We’re just here to inform everyone of what is going on and get everyone’s opinions of the issue,” said Jeannette Reyes, president of SALSA. About 50 Kent State students attended the forum, and everyone seemed to be on the same page.

“It gives the government the right to discriminate,” said Dylan Sellers, president of Black United Students. “There is no way to enforce such a law without discrimination, it’s absurdly ridiculous.”

There were many different ideas of raising awareness brought to the table. Reyes discussed the idea of everyone wearing T-shirts stating “Don’t Worry … I’m LEGAL” around campus. She also suggested asking passing students at Risman Plaza for their Flashcard IDs, then following with an explanation and informing about the recently passed bill.

SALSA plans to organize another get together and put on a peace demonstration before the end of the school year.

“We need to make a stand, we need to unite, we need to make a difference,” Reyes said.

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