Updated April monthly specials

Water Street Tavern

Bud Light pitchers — $7. Tootsie Pop Bomb — $3. Olive Chocolate dropped into Monster Khaos Orange Energy Drink — $3.50. Monthly $3 shot and beer specials: Sauza Tequila, Patron XO, Cherry Pie Shots, Apple Pie Shots, Wild Turkey American Honey, Blue Moon Honey Moon, Stella Artois Chalice drafts, Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light bottles.

157 Lounge

Miller Lite — $2 bottles. Vodka tonic — $2.50. SoCo and Lime — $3. Grape and cherry bombs — $3.


Grape Kool-Aid shot—$3.25. Bordon— $3.50. Miller Lite draft—$2 16oz, $3 24oz. Blue Moon draft— $3.50 short, $4 tall. All bombs—$2.75.


Beer of the month: Coors Light Draft—$2.75 tall. Thursdays: margaritas — $2. Fridays: bombs and cosmopolitans — $3.


Tuesday—Long Island ice tea $3. Wednesday—Bahama Mama $3. Thursday—Jimmy Buffett Night with Corona bottles for $1.75 and Bud Light bottles for $1.25.

Ray’s Place

Budweiser— $2.50 pint, $2.95 tall. Stella pints glass— $4.95 pint and comes with a glass. Sex on the Beach shot — $2.95. Cherry bomb — $2.95. Chilled Shark Water shots — $3. Long Island Ice Tea — $3.50. Spiced rum and Coke — $2.95. Tropical rum and Coke — $2.95. Amaretto Sour — $2.95.

The Loft

Happy hour is from 4 to 9 p.m. with $2 off pitchers, $.75 off pints and $.50 off mugs and liquors.

Bud Light— $7 pitchers, $1.50 mugs. Natural Light— $6 pitchers, $1.25 mugs. Cherry and grape bombs—$2.50. Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, rocket pops and lemon drops—$3.


Free pool Tuesday and Thursdays. Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light—$3 bottle. Grape and cherry bombs—$2.50. Pabst Blue Ribbon—$2 pints.

Professor’s Pub

Half off drafts for the first half of every Cavs game. All bombs—$2. Pabst Blue Ribbon— $3.

Franklin Square Deli

Monday—Ungrilled turkey reuben. Tuesday—Riverview meatloaf. Wednesday—Kent’s best reuben. Thursday—Louisiana BBQ Pork. Friday—Deluxe fried bologna. Saturday and Sunday—Sesame garlic chicken.

Riverside Wine

Happy hour is from 4 to 7 p.m. with $1 off drafts. Mondays and Tuesday have no corking fee so patrons pay retail price to drink wine in restaurant.

Euro Gyro

Small one-topping pizza — $5. Philly Steak sub — $5. Chicken hoagie sub — $5. Gyros — $5. Any pizza pita — $5. Wednesday — $5 large one-item pizza for pick-up only.