Student senator uses show to connect

Nick Glunt

One senator within Undergraduate Student Government has decided to use the Internet in order to reach students about issues at Kent State under the tagline, “Real topics, real people, the realest host.”

“I’m going to cover a variety of issues,” said D’Angelo McCornell, senator-elect for the College of Business Administration. “Diversity, campus life, personal life stories, youth violence, just anything students are important to talk about.”

McCornell, who describes himself as “cool” and “personable,” started The D’Angelo Show in November. His first episode premiered on YouTube and Facebook in December. So far, he has produced the show on his own, aside from occasional, inconsistent help.

“A lot of students come up to me talking about problems they have around school, problems they have around life,” McCornell said. “It’s just, they need ways to get their opinions out there.” He said he made his Web show to give them that opportunity.

His first episode covered Christmas gifts, but a more recent episode covered the passing of the health care bill. McCornell’s most recent episode depicted footage of a police officer pulling him over for his window tints in what he called “stereotyping.”

The Web show uses clips from news and television shows, often with music playing in the background. In one episode, he used slow-motion effects when he made his first appearance.

Katy Robinson, sophomore electronic media production major, said The D’Angelo Show has potential. Robinson has held positions on TV2, where she had technical responsibilities including running audio and cameras.

“I never would have guessed he was a senator,” she said.

Without behind-the-scenes help, Robinson said, the show appears less professional than she would expect. She compared the episode with the police officer to a reality show.

She said his show benefits from his strong personality and energy.

Robinson said with better equipment, a good camera technician and a crew to back him up, the show’s quality would improve.

McCornell is holding a talent search at 8 p.m. April 29 in the Multi-Cultural Center. He is looking for tech help, writers and promoters to work with The D’Angelo Show.

“My show will be a great résumé builder,” he said. “Basically, because it’s a student organization.”

McCornell said he think his senator position will help him attract viewers, but he wants to keep that separate from the show.

Eventually, he wants to create a Web site for The D’Angelo Show. That way, he said, he can reach people at universities all over the country. When asked if he really thought he could do that, he only had one thing to say.

“I know I can.”

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