Have you learned from your mistakes?

DKS Editors

Tomorrow is College Fest.

Last year, as you may remember, the festivities got more than a little out of hand, leading to fires, vandalism and arrests. That means people will be wary of the party this year, right?


Facebook shows more than 6,000 people have confirmed they are attending the block party, while almost 3,000 have said they may attend. Though, as all of us who have planned parties on Facebook know, even the people who guarantee they will go may not show up, in a poor show of etiquette.

Even so, College Fest is going to be massive again this year, and we have some simple tips to keep the average college student safe on this unofficial Kent State holiday:

Don’t go:

It’s supposed to rain, cops will be out in full force and being around one or two drunk people is asking for trouble, let alone 6,000. But who are we kidding, you’re college students, so just skip over this step.

Listen to the police:

Every college student believes it’s his or her God-given right to get drunk, parade around in the streets and mouth off to the cops on College Fest. In reality, you are not a freedom fighter if you refuse to disperse when the cops tell you too. Amnesty International will probably not be interested in your case.

No fires, please:

Fire, one of our first and greatest innovations as mankind, does not always go well with one of our other great innovations: drinking. If you want to get arrested and make our school look stupid, please, start a fire. If not, stick to cornhole.

Buy cans:

Look, we realize many Kent State students like to shop at 101 Bottles. We have checked, and you can also buy aluminum there for your drinking needs. Glass bottles will merely be a good reason to hurt people — whether purposely or on accident.

Pace yourself:

No one needs to be drinking from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. And if you do, try not to kill yourself or get so drunk that mouthing off to the aforementioned police seems like a good idea. No reason to end the school year in the hospital or in jail.

Spend part of the day at Relay for Life or the Earth Day festival downtown:

It’s kind of a better cause than just getting drunk for the sake of getting drunk. Be generous first, then enjoy a little selfish partying.

Don’t end up in the Stater next week:

Just a reminder, we publish the names of those arrested in the city of Kent. You don’t want your professors, friends and/or parents to see that.

We don’t want to sound like a nagging parent, but seriously kids, be safe out there. There’s no reason to turn what should be a fun event into students v. students, or students v. police. If you must go, behave responsibly.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.