Style Eye for March 11, 2010

Remah Doleh

Fashion has become increasingly important in our society. Despite the downward economy, more young fashion designers are emerging as people are becoming more aware of the importance of fashion. These young designers are getting more support than ever.

Designers such as Richard Chai, Bensoni and Rag & Bone are examples of the up-and-coming designers who are getting the critics’ thumbs-up. Their designs are avant-garde and innovative; they produce a fresh taste in the market and bring something new to our closets.

Young designers are the most influential talents in the fashion industry. They create clothes we actually want to wear and not some over-the-top, crazy piece that we could never imagine putting on.

These young designers know style isn’t just clothes that are thrown together, but yet a symbol of our personality, which express who we are. They’re designs are different. Who says looking different is a bad thing? It’s called originality.

Billal Assad, or Buddy B as his friends call him, is a junior business administration major and the Style Eye of the week. Mixing patterns is very risky and hard to pull off.

Assad, with ease, mixed his red plaid shirt with his gray and white plaid skinny tie, both working in perfect harmony. I admire his willingness to be unconventional with his style. His individuality and character shine through his clothes.

Define style.

Looking good and being comfortable at the same time. Style is you, meaning, it should define who you are and no one else.

Do you have any style icons?

Definitely, Kid Cudi and Kanye West. I believe they’re trendsetters.

How do you keep you style original?

I mix my flavor with present trends without following the hype. I like standing out and playing with colors and patterns.

So then you try to stand out of the crowd?

Most definitely! I like turning heads, that’s when you know your style is unique and different.

Explain what you are wearing.

I’m wearing my gray Nike Air Yeezy with a pair of 511 blue Levi jeans. I’m also wearing a red plaid shirt paired with my gray and white plaid skinny tie. I also like to accessorize with my black cutless gloves, my Louis Vuitton coin pouch and my black Yankees hat.

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