Pierce wins election for executive director

Nick Glunt

More than 2,000 take part in vote

The blank plasma screen outside the Undergraduate Student Government office in the Student Center was the cause of about 25 people’s stress last night.

Slowly filing in between 6 p.m. and 6:30, these people anxiously awaited the results of the USG elections for the 2010-2011 academic year.

When that plasma screen turned on and the results were revealed, excitement spread through the small crowd. It revealed Justin Pierce’s victory for executive director. He topped his opponent Matthew Gustoff by 363 votes, 1092-729.

A total of 2,309 voters logged onto FlashLine yesterday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., beating out last year’s total count of 1,387 votes. Scott Sherwood, USG’s current executive director, said it was the highest turnout he’s seen in his four years at Kent State.

Pierce, who missed the big reveal because of class, was ecstatic when he heard the results.

“(The other elects) have great leadership potential, but I want to see what else I can squeeze out of them,” Pierce said. “I promise every single director and senator will do something impactful.”

Pierce’s campaign focused on four main points. These points make up something he calls the L.E.A.D. Movement.

Firstly, he wants to start “link programs” to connect the student body, student organizations and the administration.

Secondly, he hopes to make USG more well-known on campus through advertising and through a freshman outreach program that attempts to get freshmen more involved on campus.

Thirdly, Pierce said all directors and senators should be accountable for their actions because he believes this year’s student government will affect the student government 10 years from now.

Finally, he hopes to show every culture and organization on campus they have something in common so he can bring them together.

USG adviser Donna Carlton and Sherwood were present for the reveal.

“I’m happy for all the winners,” Sherwood said. “Everyone put a lot of work into their campaigns, so I’m glad it worked out.”

Some losing candidates hastily fled the scene after the results were revealed, while others stuck around with obvious disappointment.

Carlton said the losing candidates are more than welcome to apply for the appointed positions. Sherwood and Pierce will choose who will fill these positions through an interviewing process. The applications are due Friday.

Current Diversity Sen. Taiwo Adesina said she was disappointed, having lost the election for director of academic affairs. She plans on running for one of the appointed positions.

“I’ve got great ideas for the student body that I want to see happen,” Adesina said, “even if I’m not in the position I want be in.”

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