BSR morning update l Thurs. March 4, 2010

Commin’ at you live from the Franklin Hall Newsroom, it’s Thursday March 4th, I am Betz Rund and here’s what’s happening.

Get away driver in the July 2009 burglary of Richard A. Lowther of Rootstown. During the burglary, Lowther was injured and later died.

Darrell Dukes of Ravenna Township was sentenced to seven years for burglary and eight years for robbery Wednesday at the Portage County Court of Common Pleas.

A complicity to murder charge was dismissed against Dukes after he began to help prosecutors convict Cortez Oliver and cousin Jonathon Dukes.

The murder charge would have assed 15 years to life onto his sentence.

Almost all parents have done it at least once, brought their children to work when school is out, but the Federal Aviation Administration is about to through the book at one father.

According to USA Today one air traffic controller let his son talk to pilots over the radio at Kennedy international Airport in New York.

FAA Administrator Randy Babbit said that the same controller brought his daughter in the next day and let her instruct aircraft.

“These types of distractions are totally unacceptable,” said Babbit

These reports come on the heels of crash over the Hudson River about a year ago when a sightseeing helicopter collided with a small plane when the controller was on the phone with a friend.

It looks like spring may be finally be coming to Kent. Its blue skies and sunshine at 17 degrees with a high today of 32.

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From the Franklin Hall Newsroom, I am Betz Rund and that was your news in a nutshell.