How to make packing simple

Kelley Stoklosa

Jessica Cohen, marketing coordinator for the Office of International Affairs, travels frequently and has picked up helpful tips along the way.

How to pack smart for spring break:

• Check the weather report the night before leaving to avoid arriving unprepared.

• Roll clothes instead of folding. This will save a lot of space.

• Plan ahead when packing shoes and accessories. Walking shoes, heels and flip-flops will suffice for spring break.

• Travel-size toiletry bottles can be expensive. “Empty bottles cost around 50 cents, where the bottles made by the manufacturer can cost five or six dollars,” Cohen said. Fill empty travel bottles with shampoo or soap already in the shower. You can also call ahead and see what the hotel provides, she said.

• Invest in a suitcase with rolling wheels with a flip handles. Duffel bags can be a nightmare at the airport.

• Crossbody purses with zippers will reduce the chance of being pick-pocketed.

• If you are flying, pack an extra outfit and anything valuable in your carry-on bag in case your luggage is lost.

“When you are finished packing, pull out one-third of what you packed, because you probably over packed,” Cohen said.

Items to make packing easier:

Pack-it Folder to squeeze a few more shirts into a suitcase: $24 at

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