How to survive spring break with the folks

Kelley Stoklosa

Spring break is almost here, and for those of you who hardly have two dimes to rub together, spending the week with dear old mom and dad might be the only option. While spending a week in your childhood digs as your friends are crammed into a two-star hotel room like sardines somewhere down south may seem like a drag, there are actually a lot of benefits to spending some quality time at home.

Here are a few ways to make the most of your spring break:

Me, Myself and I

Chances are you have at least one roommate, which makes privacy a hard-to-find commodity. Take advantage of the peace and quite around you and relax. For the next week, you can sleep when you want and catch up on hours of the television shows you have missed over the last semester or two. No matter how much you love your friends and your roomie, it is always nice to catch up with No. 1 — you. Enjoy this alone time, because as soon as school is back in session, your friends will be back and eager to catch up over a pitcher at Ray’s Place.

Learn Something New

Take advantage of your parents’ well-stocked fridge and offer to cook them dinner a few nights during the week. Be bold and try out a few new recipes from places like or Whether you have a working knowledge of all things gourmet or can barely heat soup, spring break is the perfect time to add a few dishes to the old repertoire. Disclaimer: the Daily Kent Stater is not responsible for parents fainting from shock.

Catch up on your reading

There are probably quite a few books you have been meaning to read, but textbooks and assigned readings have ruled your life lately. Head over to your local library and pick up a book or two just for fun. It will feel great to read a book and not have to write a paper on it afterwards. Check out the book reviews on page B3 for some suggestions.

Explore your town

Whether you have been away for one semester or three years, the town you grew up in has probably made some changes. Ask your parents if any new cafés or stores have opened recently. Take a walk through the park you played in when you were younger or just your old neighborhood. Invite a friend from high school to lunch to see how they have changed since graduation or visit a favorite teacher from middle school. You may be surprised by what you learn.

Revisit your childhood

Sort through old photo albums of your baby pictures. You’ll get a kick out of your mom’s feathered bangs and the goofy outfits she put you in before you could dress yourself. Old report cards and saved macaroni art projects can lead on a nice trip down memory lane.

Get a head start

Your week at home is the perfect time to apply for internships, scholarships, graduate school or a summer job. Filling out applications may not be the most exciting way to spend spring break, but the payoff will be well worth it. In a few weeks when your friends are scrambling to meet deadlines, you will be watching the acceptance letters pour in.

How you spend your spring break is up to you, but remember every situation is what you make it. Enjoy!

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